How it Works

Signing up is free, and you'll be selling your products in a
matter of minutes. Here's how:

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    1 Create A Free Account

    Signing up is as easy as it gets, and becoming a member is
    100% free — You only get charged a small percentage after
    you sell. While signing up, be sure to select the “Vendor”
    option (you can also sign up as a customer to purchase
    products from the marketplace).

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    2 Setup your Profile & Products

    Creating your online shop is as simple as adding a few
    details and setting up your billing information. You'll then
    add the products you'd like to sell via a simple interface.

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    3 Start Selling!

    Once you're happy with your products and settings, you're
    all set to start selling your services. You're on your way to
    growing your business!

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